Data Dominance and Data Revolution – The Value of Data

Oil is surely one of the most valuable and important resources of human society. Oil has dominated the human world for centuries as one of the most important and valuable resources. The more you look back at history, the more you will see how controlling the sources and trade of oil equal to controlling the whole economy. It is no wonder that data is considered to be the new oil now. It is a perfect phrase because currently, we live in a ‘data economy’ where data or information is supposed to be the most important asset. Raw data is as valuable as oil as it holds the potential to be refined and used as a commodity.

With the help of refined data, companies can make crucial changes in the initial stages before the costs are incurred instead of looking at the problems retrospectively. This should serve as a guiding principle for everyone as it will help you turn data into insight. If the input is transparent, the output will be more credible and trustworthy. It is necessary to clean, review, and verify data because you need to check that nothing is incorrect or missing before the refinement process begins. It is necessary for the business leads to check the opportunities provided by the refined data. With their knowledge of organization, culture, and priorities, they can make the best use of data by comparing it against the current environment to make the company’s best possible decision.

With around 97% of businesses using data to make business decisions and power their opportunities, it is necessary to understand that data and data science should be up with our ever-changing world and needs. Being careful with your data is a crucial step to turn a business profitable these days. But have you considered what factors make data so valuable? Data these days is just consumer information and records. So, for any business, data can give the best insight into your current and potential customers.

You might have noticed yourself these days that when you casually browse Facebook or Google, ads are shown based on your habits and buying patterns. Every piece of customer data, whether it is the website you have clicked to which state you are residing in, how frequently you check in to your favorite restaurant would appeal to a certain audience, and hence you can sell it to them. Personalizing a few campaigns to the most loyal customer is also possible with the assistance of data.

Data is the fastest way to find out the target for your business strategy. If you ever lose in a sales strategy, the chances are that you did not have enough data to research before launching the campaign. Most of the money spent these days by marketers is to figure out what their customers really like.

With all this in mind, it is noted that 70% of business decision-makers forecast increasing the resources that are utilized to store data. Thus, many businesses have started keeping their data clean and organized like never before.